We are looking for a full-time Front-end Developer to join our tech team, to contribute to the design and development of our projects. You will work on creating and maintaining websites and E-commerce platforms we develop for our international clients. For information click here.


Our Culture

Our strength lies in the complementarity of skills, the diversity of viewpoints, and harmony in work ethics.

We believe in the importance of a pragmatic, calm, and attentive approach. We learn new things every day, in the field, from others, and by making mistakes. We are curious, we explore, we experiment, we invent. We use scientific and creative thinking. We consider numbers, experience, and feelings.

We communicate openly among ourselves, at set times and whenever necessary. Together we evaluate priorities and the impacts of decisions. Individually, we are responsible for our organization and activities.

Seeking satisfaction in what we do every day.


Remote and Flexible Work

The entire team works remotely, from anywhere in Italy or the world.

Periodically, we hold face-to-face meetings at our headquarters in Ancona, in London, or at other potential locations.

The work schedule is generally during office hours, with flexibility. Prompt participation in team calls is required.