Digital Innovation
and Operational Excellence


Who We Are

Founded in Ancona in 2003, Cone is a digital consulting and services company. We blend in-depth experiences in digital business, marketing, and technology to support entrepreneurs and leaders in transforming their visions into successful, high-performing, and professionally structured digital organizations.


Our Mission

Our commitment is focused on enhancing the digital foundation from where our clients have already reached. By integrating key competencies such as business strategy, design, user experience, and customer acquisition strategies, we guide organizations through every phase of their digital evolution.


A Team of Multidisciplinary Experts

Our strength lies in our team: a group of business professionals and technical experts. We deeply understand the challenges of SMEs and startups, offering solutions that merge organizational and cultural expertise with the latest web technologies and digital marketing strategies.


Culture of Digital Evolution

We believe that digital success requires more than just technical solutions; it demands a specific mindset to pursue operational digital excellence.
Our philosophy is based on:


Business Architecture

We recognize that the digital customer experience is built through a complex set of multiple interactions across various online elements and devices: brand, product, or process experience on the website, and online acquisition campaigns.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary skills, our approach primarily aims to make the entire online business architecture work as a whole, paying special attention to weak links and bottlenecks.



We have supported several emerging businesses in their business ideation. We participated in their realization and launch, also taking on the role of true co-entrepreneurs.

In particular, we played this role for Apposta, a mass customization brand, considered a case of digital innovation excellence in a traditional industry.


Technological Freedom with 3Spices

To ensure maximum freedom of action in online strategies and user experience, we developed 3Spices, a highly structured and completely customizable content, product data management, and e-commerce platform, offering unprecedented flexibility.
This allows us to create totally customized solutions and stay at the forefront of online customer experience evolution.



Our dedication to excellence and innovation has been recognized with national and international awards and accolades, a testament to our ongoing commitment to improvement and growth.

Netcomm Ecommerce Award
Best E-commerce in Fashion, Jewelry & Accessories
Milan, 2019

UK Ecommerce Award
“Apposta” finalist as Best Fashion E-commerce
London, 2018

Design Awards 2020:
Mobile Excellence
User Experience
User Interface

Career Award to Cone – Italian Web Award
Best Ecommerce – Italian Web Award
Best Project – Italian Web Award
Finalist Digital Award Italiano Il Sole 24 Ore
Award Marzotto Unicredit Startlab


Participation in Key Events

Our reputation as leaders in the field of digital transformation has led us to be invited as speakers at prestigious forums and institutions, where we have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences.